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Organic Pesto Chicken Pizza Recipe

by Halle Cottis

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!! Ok, so ya all know that I have a MAD pizza addiction! I can go on and on about all the pizzas recipes that I have posted but I am not, I am just going to send you over to our recipes gallery page to check them out for yourself!

So once again I find myself super excited about this pizza. I mean really guys, this one is a slam dunk! {Noticing a pattern with sports phrases when describing my recipes…home run, slam dunk, hole in one….what can I say, I am a competitive gal} 🙂

Always Cook Enough For Leftovers

Anyways back to this recipe. This recipe seriously takes 10 minutes from start to finish…for real!! The key is to use leftovers from the night before.

So here is how this recipe transpired. The night before I made my amazing pesto recipe and grilled some pesto chicken on the grill.

As always, I overcook to have leftovers so that lunchtime or breakfast is easier. This organic pesto chicken pizza recipe was my lunch the next day.

The Making Of This Organic Pesto Chicken Pizza Recipe

So as mentioned, I had some leftover pesto and leftover pesto chicken. I headed out to the garden and picked some fresh basil and some sweet 100 tomatoes (my all time favorite tomato, oh how sweet they are!)

I now have the making for this amazing pizza, how easy is that? The only other ingredient that is needed is a sprouted grain tortilla!

Here is my favorite brand of spouted grain tortillas that I absolutely LOVE! We buy them by the case because it is much more economical that way and we go through them quite quickly.

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