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Growing Microgreens on Your Windowsill

When Gardening Space is Limited or Non Existent
The warm summer air has got me yearning to plant, seed, sprout, and grow something. But city dwelling doesn’t always lend itself well to this task.

Without outdoor space or even a balcony (and the community garden down the street has a five-year wait list) the options are limited. That just means you need to get extra creative. Fear not, there are plants that you can grow indoors.

That leads me to the topic of today’s post — Growing Your own Microgreens — my new edible project.

What Are Microgreens?

As their name implies, microgreens are small edible plants that don’t require much space, which makes them ideally suited for cramped urban living.

A few years back, I took a microgreens workshop with Bill Shores (who manages Chef Rick Bayless’ organic gardens for his restaurants in Chicago). He recommends growing these greens stacked on shelves, under lights. But, I don’t have room for such a set up (in my over-priced, under-sized, one bedroom).

Growing Microgreens On Your Windowsill So, decided to see how they would do if I just put them in front of the window sill (after sprouting; see notes on sprouting below). The only downfall is that my cat also thinks these are a tasty treat and I find him mischievously nibbling on them from time to time.

This is also a great project for kids. Something they can nurture and take care of themselves, gaining appreciation for where their food comes from, and tasting the fruit of their labor (with minimal effort).

A few ideas on what to do with microgreens…a great addition to liven up any salad, soup, or sandwich.

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