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An All Natural Way To Get Rid of A Smelly Sponge

Alright, for years now I have been fighting a battle with my sponges. I have never been a rag or towel person, they just kind of bother me and I really like my sponges.

Giving them up is hard, you know how it is…it’s like a 2 year old giving up their thumb or their favorite blankie. That is what a sponge is to me! 🙂

I know there are many other options out there, but I have been trying to tackle the battle of the sponge odor forever now, and YES I have finally won the battle over the sponge odor!

I know many of you might just ask, why not just buy a new sponge? I do replace my sponges often, but I knew there had to be a way to prolong the life of a sponge. I was whipping through sponges every 3 days and that is a lot of sponges!

I also like to recycle and reuse and if I can naturally disinfect a sponge so that I can use it longer…then I will do just that.

Why A Sponge Smells

There are many reasons why a sponge smells but the primary reason is from cleaning dirty dishes or counter tops, food particles get trapped in the sponges pores.

As the food particles start to decompose, the sponge begins to sour and smell bad.

Sponges can harbor many strands of bad bacteria including E. Coli, salmonella and campylobacter. A sponge can cause serious illness and it is very important to clean or replace your sponges often.

In the summer I have found myself replacing my sponge every 3 days. That’s a lot of sponges!

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